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Lifestyle Program

Our Lifestyle Program is a complete body workout and involves several methods of training to help improve your general fitness. Each day is a new workout to challenge your body and mind. Training with others will help keep you accountable.

Junior/Little Lifters Program

Our Junior Program is different every session so that it will attract the kid’s attention and keep him/her engaged. They will learn proper form and mechanics while performing athletic and every day movements. The kids coming to FORT Strength Performance Centre will become STRONGER, FASTER, have better/more self-esteem, and prepare them for ANY sport/activity they participate in. We focus on moving safely.

Open Program

Want to do your own thing? No problem! This is the program for you! We can design a specific program for you as an added option.

Online Program

Can’t make it into The FORT but want high quality training? Sign up for our online training! With a dedicated training program suited for you, you can reach and surpass your goals.

Personal Training

Are you looking to reach your goals in the shortest amount of time and thrive on that 1:1 attention? With a personal training plan designed by your coach, she/he will hold you accountable every step of the way.


We strive to provide a fitness solution to meet your goal at every budget level. Click below to learn more about our membership options.


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